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Monday, January 2, 2012

First Run Of 2012

I finally pulled on my shoes and walked out the front door this morning. I did mention actually training for my next half. I thought the best place to start was a decent four mile trek around the neighborhood.

The operative word up there was thought. I didn't take into account exactly what 40 degrees would feel like with wind warnings. It is also supposed to be trash day but the trash guys didn't run. Between the open recycling bins an the wind warnings I was off roading an obstacle course. Hurdles included a large tub of pretzels, various discarded Christmas boxes and a Christmas tree. I was running uphill as the Christmas tree rolled downhill. Good times.

Never underestimate my power to get through a short run. When I wasn't hurdling trees I entertained myself imaging what kind of party went on based on the recycling bins. Some were full of champagne bottles, others had cheesecake boxes but my favorites were the bins full of boxed wine and beer bottles. I entertained myself for long periods of time imagining those parties.

I also had a moment. I spent the first run of the year freezing my rear off and considering death with the rolling hills. My last run of 2012 will surely be warm and possibly on the beach. With the wind seriously threatening to knock me down or take me down with rolling debris, a calm run on the beach started to sound nice. I am, however a bit concerned. Right now the most threatening thing I tend to meet on a long trot through the woods is a deer. Soon I could be meeting wild pigs. I'm not real thrilled with that thought. I'll just leave it at that.

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Sharon Ankerich said...

Good job running! Wish I still had it in me. Used to run. Maybe I will get a walk in tomorrow. XO

Gdine said...

I thought about walking today. Does that count?

For the record, I don't think you need to worry about wild pigs in Hawaii....Guam, YES! And frogs in Guam were a problem when it was a bit rainy. Ick!

We need to talk about Hawaii! 8^)

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