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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Three Hour Drive...

What do you do on an three-hour drive with four kids in tow with the wind blowing so hard you're pretty sure the mom mobile will take flight any minute? You mean you don't make up for own Gilligan's Island theme song? "A three hour drive...A three hour drive..." Oh. I don't either.

I had a little bit of time between whines fighting and tantrums to think about blog names. Ray is toying with WordPress for me again. In case you are wondering what on earth Okkar Lif means... it's Our Life in Icelandic. When we started this blog, we had two kids born in Iceland and suddenly another one was about to show up. Four years ago, I had no idea that we would be preparing to leave Tennessee for Hawaii with four kids and a dog that wasn't in the picture when we started this thing. Suddenly an Icelandic title doesn't seem to encompass all that we are anymore.

So here are a few things we've been toying with... StiffSeatingForSix. Ray says it's too long and too confusing. He also doesn't need to be reminded how much extra time we have to wait to get a table at a restaurant, or the fact that we rarely go to a restaurant where you order from a menu at a table instead of a counter.

There's 3Americans2IcelandicsandtheChineseBoy...except we're actually all American citizens so that doesn't really work and I'm sure we would offend someone.

I was leaning toward SpamGrits&Chopsticks. That sort of leaves out Iceland and our very strange military life. How often do I really write about our weird Navy Life? It's not that different from most people's other than our moves.

There was the 4Kids&CountingStopping. The marked out line doesn't really work and it just about gives Ray a heart attack to look at it.

When we were thick in the middle of adopting Jack, Ray would tell people, I said, "I'm all in. Whatever happens it's in God's hands and I'm all in." I would love to find a way to work around that. I really don't want another title that I have to tell a story about every time.

Clearly I'm stuck here. Since We Are That Family is taken. Any suggestions?

Also I have been home for exactly 5 hours. I did manage to look at a couple of pictures. If I don't get at least one up, Grandma may kill me. Here you go mom. File this one under Awkward Family Photos... I'm not sure if that's a low Santa Unibrow or something much, much worse.


Sharon Ankerich said...

What about...
I'm AlL In OR
Stiff Stories OR
The Stiff Six OR... hmmm. thinking. :)

Gdine said...

How about The Melting Pot? It would encompass your mix as well as living on the verge of a meltdown at any moment! 8^)

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