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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sushi and Donuts

Yesterday we had our Focus Group over for dinner before church. I had to get all the Sunday school teachers (12) gifts ready because plans changed and we won't be at our church for the next two Sundays. Today there are 3 Christmas parties, more teacher gifts, shopping and wrapping and getting ready for Arleigh's party.
I still stopped to have our annual school birthday lunch with Arleigh a couple of days early. She requested sushi for lunch and donuts to share with her class instead of cupcakes. So that's what I did...sushi and donuts. I took a picture because I quite certain it will be a while before I see that combo again!
More on Arleigh's 11th birthday later. I'm trying really hard this morning to pretend she can just be 10 forever!

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