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Saturday, December 17, 2011


The thought occurred to me today that 20 years ago... give or take... I was finishing up my rush semester and getting ready for initiation into the world of sorority. I made it through Rush week and giggled at the boys going through their Hell week. Today it dawned on me... if anyone really wanted to "rush" or go through "Hell Week" they should be given four kids, live away from the Grandparents and be forced to maneuver their way through numerous Christmas parties and concerts, prepare Teacher gifts for church and school and throw in a birthday party for good measure all within one week. More than once rush and hell came to mind. (Don't worry. Thanks to Ranger Rick's search engine, my blog is blocked from Arleigh's iPod.)

This week I started with really good intentions of finishing Christmas shopping. I didn't. I had really good intentions of a lot of things. A lot of things didn't happen. Here's what did...

  • Mount Washmore (there is always Mount Washmore)
  • Long talks with a guidance counselor and thinly veiled threats made by both of us. 
  • Piano... and we unexpectantly had to cancel next week's lesson and I didn't take Ms. Pepper a gift. It's killing me! 
  • Lunch at the school with the girls... with donuts for Arleigh's birthday.
  • We hosted a Christmas dinner for our focus group before church Wednesday night.
  • A recorder concert.
  • Arleigh's Christmas party.
  • Hanan's Christmas party.
  • Bria's Christmas party.
  • Jack met Santa.
  • I cut Jack's hair. It didn't look great so Ray shaved it. Yes, shaved it.... for his first Christmas and I am somehow catching the blame. 
  • We got orders to Hawaii.
  • I have come to the realization that I haven't bought a single gift for Ray or the kids. Ray is the only one not getting anything.
  • All the gifts that were purchased were wrapped... all be it about 15 minutes ago.
  • Arleigh had a sleepover. I'm still not sure how many girls were here. They were good. They were loud. I think they all had fun. I just got rid of them a little before noon so ask me tomorrow. 
  • It was such a long week, Bria put herself in her bed and took a nap without telling me. Jack was still playing in the room...

  •  Arleigh helped me make these instead of a birthday cake... they were much easier and so good!

  •  Arleigh also helped me make a Concession stand sign. I'm am so tired, I'm the one who spelled it wrong!

Yep... tired is my middle name. Stressed too. In about 6 hours I'll be getting up to drive to IL and then KY  and then IL and somehow someway back to TN where were are hoping Tye Tye comes for a bit. 

I plan to post about Arleigh's birthday as soon as I can. She deserves and probably wants her own post. Until then, Merry Christmas! 

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Sharon Ankerich said...

Oh my, I am tired just reading all you have been doing. Bless your heart and praying you to all your destinations!!! XOXO

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