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Friday, December 30, 2011

My Pinterest Addiction

I have developed a possibly unhealthy love for Pinterest. It's at the very least unhealthy for Ray. I've kept him pretty busy. I've talked about it before. I wanted to show you some of this year's projects.

I started making my own laundry detergent. You may have heard me mention Mount Washmore once or twice or 1000 times. As much laundry as we go through... this was a pretty great decision. It took less than 15 minutes thanks to my handy dandy food processor and should save us a bunch.

I no longer need my OxyClean jar so I filled it with all of our loose colors...crayons for you yankees. This is a bit of a problem because I can't just send Bria to get them anymore but it makes clean up much faster and I'm not tempted to throw a loose one in the trash.
 I've mentioned this before... All my makeup on one magnet board. This has been a time saver. I really don't love the fabric but it was super cheap and I wasn't sure how it would turn out. I'll probably tweak it a little before we move.
I wish I could say the next one changed my life. It didn't. It makes things a bit easier to keep up with though. A cheap Wal-Mart frame, some old scrap paper and some stickers...
This one isn't as brilliant as I hoped either. It's our chore jar. When the kids are whiny or being difficult, they have to choose a chore. Each child has their own token with age appropriate chores written on it.
 This hangs right outside the bedrooms. I need to make more of an effort to stop and read it.
As a side note... yes this house is that gold. It changes colors in the light. Yes, after only two years I am sick of it. I miss owning my house and the right to choose my paint colors.

Ray finished Jack's train car table yesterday. He immediately climbed on top of it. Oh well. Good thing Ray makes things with our kids in mind. Pretty sure he loves it. After this Christmas and his shower I'm pretty sure there are more toys in his room alone than were in his orphanage. We'll be doing something about that soon. We have a huge collection of Little People that he likes but they are taking a back seat to the tracks. If anyone in the area is interested... I think I'm going to sell the whole lot of them.

I saved the best Pinterest project for last. It's a board that Ray helped me turn into a ruler for Jack's room. It double as a growth chart and it's how we know he's more than two inches taller since we picked him up in China. (That two inches includes his spine straightening out. He doesn't look that much taller.)
The girls are getting their fair share of Pinterest love too. Most of it has come during birthday parties. Their rooms were pretty finished. I'm on the hunt for an old spice rack for Arleigh and Hanan and their nail polish though.

This is just the stuff for our house. It doesn't include the recipes... If you are interested in my boards, you can find them here.

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Sharon Ankerich said...

Love your Pinterest Love. The projects are great! I never find the time to look through there now. Maybe I will add it to my Kindle Fire and read it instead of playing Angry Birds. LOL XOXO

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