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Monday, December 26, 2011

The Morning After

It has been a very, very long and very, very blessed week. Some of my favorite Christmas moments included Santa surprising the girls at Nana Bonnie's, he knew their names and just what they wanted...Jack took one look at his big gift from Santa and said "Nom Nom Nom!!!"...Bria played with a cousin she rarely ever sees like they were always best friends under the kitchen table during a family gathering. Now it's done. Over. All done! I am feeling as done as the Thanksgiving turkey.
All the wrapping paper is in trash bags. The kids are playing with and fighting over new toys. The dog has been told to get off of Nana's sofa about 183 times today. Ray says that even Tucker needs to be recalibrated after a visit to Grandma's. Oh my the recalibration!
Soon I'll be boxing up houses, cramming trees in boxes and begging Ray to tear down the outside lights. Before I know it, there will be yard sales and packing. Even though I've all but begged, Grandma won't be moving to Hawaii with us. She said something about Ned, Golo and I don't want to talk about it anymore.
It takes so long to get ready for Christmas and then we blink and it's done. I wonder if we taught our kids just what they were supposed to know or if they think Christmas means stuff. In the morning after, I am honestly not so sure. I was such a Scrooge for a bit, I'm afraid I might have negated any good I tried to do. The nice thing about Christmas is there is always next year to start getting ready and wonder if I've failed miserably all over again.
We are still on the road. I left without a cable or laptop so all 1500+ pictures are stuck in the black hole that is my camera. A never ending supply of pictures will be coming soon. Yes, I'm talking to you Grandma. Yes, I'm more than a little ready to stop living out of a suitcase but that's mostly blamed on the back and forth. How did I do this when we lived in Iceland? Ray has his truck here too and it's all ready loaded for bear. I not really sure where we'll put Tucker on the way home.
By now it should be clear that I find the Christmas aftermath a wee bit overwhelming much like the dread of the Christmas version of Mount Washmore. Clearly I'm all bluster with nothing to say...except, if I didn't get to see you I am sorry. I wish we could carve out time for everyone, crinkle my nose and show up just for a few minutes in your living room. Unfortunately it just doesn't work that way. If you can manage it for us before our big move... Start crinkling!
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Sharon Ankerich said...

I wish you could have appeared in our family room, talked a while, and let the kids play. :) Blessings and love as you make your way home!!! XOXO

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