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Thursday, December 22, 2011

The iPad That Wasn't

We are big Nana Bonnie fans around here. When you put Nana Bonnie and Grandma together...it's just too much to describe. I got to KY, settled in at Grandma's and called Nana Bonnie for some reason or other and to let her know we were in town.

Nana Bonnie was laughing nervously. She was just sure she had messed up Grandma's Christmas and it was eating her alive. She started to tell the story...

Tori and Phia (her granddaughters) are going to get iPads for Christmas. Her son, Sann was telling her how she would need her own because she loves her iPhone so much and she could FaceTime with the girls. She told him she would love an iPad but it just wasn't in the budget right now. A couple of days later a box arrived on her doorstep from Apple. This box was just he right size to hold an iPad. She was giddy with excitement. She just knew Sann had sent her an iPad even though that's not what she asked for.

Nana Bonnie looked at that box and decided that since it was sealed tighter than a drum, she would wait for her friend Don to help her open it. In the meantime she called Grandma to brag on Sann. He is such a wonderful loving son who wanted to give her the gift of communication with her sweet granddaughters. It was such a kind, thoughtful gift even though her gift had already been purchased. Grandma was not the only person she called singing Sann's praises either. I think that day Sann's ears were probably ringing as she sang his praises all over town.

Don finally arrived. She couldn't wait to get that little box open and set that sucker up. Even better, I would be in town soon to show her how to use it. She thought it was kismet. The box opened...there was no iPad. It was a book.

You see, back in the summer we had a little girls's trip. I told Grandma and Nana Bonnie that I would make them each a photo book. When the girls get to hang out with Tori and Phia, I try to make a book for them. It took me forever to upload the first two books. I thought I would surprise Nana Bonnie with hers just before Christmas. I called Grandma to make sure she wanted one, sometimes she doesn't like the flood of memories a photograph can bring on. I told her I would order hers later and we forgot.

Then Nana Bonnie called Grandma. She didn't know if Grandma had a book too or if she would get one for Christmas. She had to tell her there was no iPad it was just a book. How could she tell her without ruining he surprise? It was worrying her to death.

I laughed and explained that mom knew I was sending the book and she would get one later. Grandma is getting and even better Christmas gift that I'm pretty excited about. Nana Bonnie was telling me how much she loved that little book. She even cried looking through the pictures...and I believed her when she said it wasn't because she didn't get that iPad!

So Sann... It's not too late. There is always overnight shipping if you want to make that grand Christmas gesture. If not, I'll teach her how to Use FaceTime with her phone while I'm here.

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Sharon Ankerich said...

That is hilarious!!! LOVE reading your stories!!! XO

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