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Friday, December 9, 2011

I Survived The Party

The Mom Mobile was supposed to be ready by mid morning. Ray dropped off the big girls. Then he came back so we could all go to drop off Bria at school. We don't all fit in his truck. We ran into Target to get some last minute things for the party and check out some shoes for Jack and Bria. (As a side note, can I just say the bathing suits at the front of the store threw Ray for a loop. I told him people are hitting cruises now, leave it alone. Then in the shoes.... no more winter shoes? It was almost all flip flops and sandals. Really? The clearance section was even cleared out. And Bria... just outgrew every pair of shoes she has. Marshalls will be on the agenda today.) So then we go to see in the mom mobile is ready. It was parked outside. We're golden... or not. They haven't even started. Yesterday they said it would be at lease a 12 hour job.

I was a little disturbed. There is always something that happens last minute. I knew I would need something. I really needed to be getting ready. Ray needed to be at work. Things were not going well. I went to work, trying not to worry about it. House to clean... donuts, cupcakes. Ray worked from home. We got a call a little over two hours later. The Mom Mobile is ready for pick up. Yes, there is a mechanic in the family and I plan on asking him.... How in the world did a 12 hour job that I have to pay labor for turn into a 2 hour job? Why didn't they do that yesterday?

We were off to get Bria, then the beloved van. I swear she's like a well worn purse and I'll cry a river when she totally breaks down. I also swear I'll cry over my sweet van and not the car payment that will come when she dies. Hanan calls her Quest. I'm starting to think she deserves a more fitting southern name like Mary Lou or Maybelline.

Back home... then get the big girls... then keep getting ready. Lucky for me Jack has found Bria's Dora guitar. He just follows up around playing it and saying, "Oh Man!" like Swiper. He is so oblivious to anything else happening. Homework is done... Ray starts putting up Christmas lights because he knows how much the girls, Arleigh especially wants them up before the party. Bless his heart, one strand was out and he started a little before 5. People were arriving at 6. I stand low on the totem pole though because my topiaries aren't out... just kidding Ray! I'll get them out today.

And it's time to start...

North Pole Cupcakes
 Rudolph Donuts

 They did the elephant ornament exchange. It was nuts. A couple of the little ones had a hard time but for the most part it went great...
 For the most part because Bria was made that she wasn't participating. Then there was Hanan...Hanan who has been conditioned by Arleigh to not like things that may be perceived as babyish...Hanan was still loves all the things Bria loves... Hanan got a Hello Kitty ornament. I thought she would be thrilled. Her face showed that she wasn't. She was clearly conflicted. I'm not supposed to like this, people will make fun of me sort of conflicted. I had to lean down and tell her to be gracious. I hate reminding my children to be grateful. I didn't feel the need to explain to them before the game started how to act. I guess I should have. Now Hanan's face was not the only face of disappointment. I hate it when it happens. Then this morning she said she really wanted that ornament. I knew she did. She traded it later with one of her friends who wanted it to give it to her "cousin." Natalie really wanted it too. This age is soooooo hard.

Then patches... they each got too many to mention.

Other than one child who weighs all of 50 pounds managing to be so buck wild she turned over a side table, the party went really well. I'm really glad that it's over. I feel like the gorilla is off of my back.

Oh and Jack... he was great. Hanging out upstairs in the playroom with his Daddy all to himself was just what that boy needed. He was like a pig in stink.


Sharon Ankerich said...

I knew you would do well!!! The treats looked oh so yummy! And we have names for all our vehicles... my truck is named Big Hamilton, Amelia's car is Baxter, and Rosie's is Delilah! So fun!!! XOXO

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

You are always having crazy days that make me giggle!
Now, those reindeer donuts? Tried those and FAILED! I am so jealous you got them to work!

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