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Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Arleigh

I blinked and Arleigh is 11. When did that happen? Boys, okay a boy is calling. There were plenty of them lurking around our house on Halloween night though... Enough to let me know what's about to start happening. Arleigh is developing her own style, making her own friends and growing up way too fast.

She is becoming a beautiful young woman. Without asking, she is a mother hen to her siblings. She is also finding ways to carve out time for herself. Her piano playing is nothing short of amazing to her mother who can't carry a tune in a bucket. She is strong and compassionate and she's just starting to figure it all out.

We aren't all sunshine and roses over here either...but I have been blessed with some pretty awesome kids and Arleigh is the first...the one who sets the bar. We love you Arleigh Grace! Happy 11th birthday!

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Sharon Ankerich said...

Happy birthday to a beautiful girl!!! Blessings and love to you all!!! XO

Anonymous said...

Yea! A post just 4 me thanks mama!

<3 u!


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