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Monday, December 12, 2011

For Nana Bonnie

It's been nuts around here but who am I kidding? It's always nuts around here.

The car is back. The Girl Scout Party is over. Arleigh's birthday is Friday. I'm avoiding it hoping she won't really grow up. She wants a Movie Themed Sleepover...but she won't watch The Princess Bride. I.do.not.understand.

I haven't even started Christmas shopping, with the exception of something I purchased in KY in July.

Arleigh's recorder concert is Thursday. She wants me to have lunch at school with her on Thursday...with donuts. Bria's Christmas party is Thursday. I haven't bought the gift for her to exchange, the treats for her class stockings or the item for the party.

Uncle Mike just left. The kids are in mourning.

Our Christmas schedule for visiting family is still not set in stone, although it may include part of this weekend... after a sleepover. Heaven help me!

In other news, I made my own laundry detergent yesterday. Mount Washmore is killing the grocery budget. I did three loads yesterday and two today and that' pretty normal around here. Hopefully what I made will last at least 6 months. I spent $17. I typically spend $20 a month in detergent alone. We'll see. So far, it's working and that includes Jack's bloody nose clothes. (The kid is a picker.)

I haven't showered today or gone for my run or bought Christmas presents. I did manage some more Christmas cookies though and dinner is the crockpot.

This raggedy post is for you Nana Bonnie... so you will have something to wake up to tomorrow. I promise more tomorrow... right now I should probably shower before I have to hit the car line.


Sharon Ankerich said...

Nuts here just as it is nuts there!!! We're nut friends!!! XOXO

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Boys and nose picking! I tell you! Oh, let me know on the detergent? I want to try!

Allison said...

Reading that made me exhausted! You need a personal assistant to keep up with everything! Love The Princess Bride :)

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