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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Excuse Us

Please excuse the interruption in our regularly scheduled programming blogging... I knew it was coming. Most you did not.

You don't have to watch the video... just play the music while you read the rest of this.

We will be trading our BBQ nachos for shrimp trucks and spam fried rice very soon. We have three year orders to paradise... Hawaii!

We're excited about shrimp trucks and beaches and nice weather. I could live in skirts and tevas and pretty soon I will. We like to live with sand in our shorts and beautiful sunsets. We're pretty excited... except... middle Tennessee is a paradise to us too. It's close to family. It's close to the lake, fishing and mule rides.

We're trading surfing and sunsets for ready made babysitters. Somehow, it doesn't seem like a fair trade.

So I won't go on for fear of ruining Christmas for Grandma...and me. I will also readily admit that after this week, I'm looking forward to a much slower island Christmas next year.

I'm sure there will be more later...


The Driskells said...

What an exciting move!

Lilly said...

oh men, how jealous i am right now :)

postcards from paradise anyone?

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