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Friday, December 23, 2011

A Banana Cake

Every year when I was little my aunt (I may have mentioned her...Nana Bonnie) and her little family lived in Memphis. It was a big deal to me when they drove in, especially for the holidays. In fact one year they showed up early but Mom didn't want me leaving the house with a wet head. I was in such a hurry to get to Gran and Dee's house to see them, I put the blow dryer directly on my head and proceeded to burn the thing up. Sorry Mom. It was Christmas and I'm sure you didn't have the extra cash to run out to the store for a new dryer.

Any who... Part of the preparations for the visit always included a banana cake. Gran would tell me it was Sann's favorite and we just had to make it. I remember mashing bananas with a potato masher. She wouldn't dare let me frost it because it was for Sann. It didn't occur to me to be jealous because the famous Memphians were coming AND I was going to get to eat that banana cake. In the summer, Dee would make banana ice cream to go with it. Now I want that too!

The funny thing is after Gran died I said something about that banana cake to Sann. He said he never really liked it but didn't want to hurt Gran's feelings one year and before he knew it he got to eat it with every visit. I wonder how many times things like that happen in families because we don't want to hurt each other.

This year mom pulled out a banana cake recipe. It was yummy thick cake and the frosting almost tasted like banana pudding. Of course I immediately thought of Sann... after my third piece. He has no idea what he was missing!

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