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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Baby Steps

In the past week Jack has been through a lot. Frankly we all have with the back and forth of Christmas. Somedays he dealt with it better than others but let's be honest, we are all a little like that. So many people ask how he likes it, did he love it?

The best answer is most of it. He loved making cookies at Grandma's. Then I made him lick the icing. He has slowly started to like sweet things. It made for a great picture but Jack...Not...real...happy...

 He happily entertained everyone at Nana Bonnie's but when Santa showed up to set him on his lap... it didn't go over well.
 The best was when he opened a Cars Geotrax set from Santa. He was so excited he yelled "Nom! Nom! Nom!" I guess he was so excited he just wanted to eat it up.
 He also managed to bust a move with while his cousins played Dance Party 3 at Aunt Glenda's.
For the most part, Christmas was just Jack going with the flow and only really showing frustration when he can't really communicate. It drives us both a little crazy.

He used to put his hand on his mouth when he was nervous. That slowed a bit then he started running around with his mouth hanging open making weird noises. I thought he looked like he needed a straight jacket and padded room. I know someone is saying, "Careful what you wish for." We went from a little peculiar to is there a problem? Ray kept saying it was more being a boy but it's so hard to tell. I started nicely saying "Close your mouth, Jack." every time I saw him doing it. Now I swear he does it sometimes just to annoy me then he'll say, "close your mouth, Jack" and grin a Cheshire grin.

This week we have been following two families. One went to court in Ethiopia for kiddo number six, the other went to pick up kiddo number six. I've been wondering how on earth they do it. Jack is awesome and funny. He is also a 24 hour job... constant taking to the potty, calming down, trying to teach. Totally worth it, but he is one time consuming little dude. When we were in the middle of adopting him, I felt like I could say I'm doing this... Now three months home it seems like most of what I do includes wiping butts and noses. I know there won't always be a big thing that I'm expected to do, but some days it feels like I'm losing myself to that whole butts and noses thing. (Please note not all the time and not even every day...)

So we're gearing up for the next round of medical appointments. I'm braced and ready. I'm looking for progress a little too hard I guess. Then today a miracle happened. Jack brought me a plate and said "Mama, goo fish." He wanted more goldfish and he called me Mama and he asked for it. Best Christmas Present Ever!!! It gives me that glimmer of hope that maybe I haven't really been doing everything backwards. Let me repeat... the boy has not in three months addressed me at all much less called me, Mama. It is a big deal!

So that's where we are... baby steps that sometimes feel like giant leaps.


Shannon said...

Sydney told me about seeing you at the mall. Funny. Glad you took the initiative and said something to them! We got home at midnight on the 25th. I am incredibly sad, I miss her so much. Leaving her behind is probably the hardest thing I have ever done. I have been grouchy, weepy, and miserable (my poor family!) Hoping to go back the end of Feb. for Embassy appt. Loved hearing about your Christmas. Jack is so cute!! Keep me posted on his doctor's visits. So when does the move to Hawaii begin? Would love to see you all. Do you have any more visits to Mayfield planned? The Ironmom (1/2 marathon) has been scheduled for May 12th, will you all still be in the US?

Sharon Ankerich said...

I remember the first time SJ called me mama too~ the best word in any language!!! I am SO thankful for this milestone and God just gave you a great BIG ole HUG!!! XOXO

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