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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This Is Halloween

Yes, that song from A Nightmare Before Christmas is stuck in my head. Did I get to hand it off? I sure home so... it's been a long week.

So I've been asked about 100 times what Jack thought of Halloween. He loves dressing up and seeing the other kiddos dressed up.

 He does not love chocolate, sugar, anything sweet... but he does love for you to put those things in his bucket. Can you say border?
 He likes the attention from his family but isn't nuts about anyone else in the world noticing him.
 He's learned to say "Cheese!" when he sees the camera. Here's hoping he doesn't start the same constipated cheese look Bria has going on...
Trick or Treating was awesome but he still has a bit of trouble keeping up with his sisters. Arleigh and Hanan had a problem keeping up with Bria this year.

In other Halloween related activities... I took Jack and Bria with a few of their friends to a nursing home in the afternoon. They participated in a costume parade, got to collect candy from each resident, make crafts and play games. This was the princess reigning over a rambunctious game of Bingo. She was a bit of a hit. 
 Try getting four kiddos ready for a night of trick or treating with homework and chores... Whew! In the past, I've made everything from chili with a Jack o Lantern face to snake sandwiches. This year, it was mummy pizzas. They were pretty tasty and just enough before had to head out into the neighborhood.

This would be the whole crew being the whole crew. Cinderella, step sisters and the prince. And to think, I begged them to be KISS. This  was much cuter.

Notes about this year... I forgot that last year Halloween fell on Sunday. It was hilarious watching Bria run from house to house. I was thinking about how things had changed. Then I remembered, trunk to trunk wasn't a far walk. She also told me that I could not steal any of her Reeses cups. Smart girl.

Arleigh wasn't so badly to wear these high heel shoes. She didn't make it far. Pretty embarrassing when the boy with poor gross motor skills makes it to the door before you do.

Hanan is always in her element. She was slightly offended each and every time someone called her pretty. Arleigh was too for that matter. After all, they were supposed to be the Ugly Step Sisters. They were thrilled when teenage girls answered the door to Ooooos and Ahhhhhhhs over the Cinderella theme.

Just for giggles.... Some of our past Halloween pics...

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