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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I am about to say that I am going to do something and I have no idea how I will manage it. I am going to post every day through the month of November. Yes, every day. I want to slow down and remember that I should be thankful for the big things and the little things EVERY DAY. I got the awesome idea from my friend okay acquaintance from a Taco Bueno somewhere in AK. Still, she's cool. You should check out what's going on over at We Are That Family.

So right now... there is a big list of blessings running through my head. Come Thanksgiving... I'm not sure how I'll feel. Maybe it's not Thanksgiving... but my monthly friend... did I just say that out loud? Anyway... I have too many blessings to count so I'm going to give it a try.

First up... This guy...

I may have mentioned a doctor's appointment. He finally had one. I hope I also mentioned that my mother is a saint. She not only went with us to the base, she sat in the playroom with Bria for over 2 hours. If you know Bria, you know what a big deal this is. I guess I'm saying I'm thankful for more than a few things here.

Jack's doctor is the bomb. Literally. Former navy nuke. Or is it Nuc? Either way he's awesome. It could be because he thinks Jack is awesome. I might be biased. Let's put Dr. O'Dell on that thankful list though because he didn't have any appointments, I called and said, "We're here." He sequestered a room, did everything he could possibly do and said we are very lucky. Ray and I call it blessed but we'll take lucky too.

You see, O'Dell was the first doctor to see Jack's file. He was shocked when little man walked into the clinic like he owned the place. I can't believe I didn't take a picture. Must have been the nerves. Jack has gained almost 6 pounds since he saw the doctor in China. He's standing straighter, speaking more. Absorbing more because there is someone to engage him and his brain.

After O'Dell examined Jack, I held Jack while nursed collected five vials of blood and gave him 5 injections. Little man was a bit angry. Honestly, I think it was more about me holding him down the the burning hot liquid being stabbed into his now almost chunky thighs. Let me also say, I'm incredibly thankful that he found it in his heart to forgive me. It's that or he forgot. Either way... I'm good.

We recovered and now begins tracking his progress. We'll see Dr. O'Dell again just after Christmas for a check up and more shots. We also got a big fat go ahead for Mother's Day out. Did I mention I'm thankful? He gets to go play with friends and maybe pick up a little more English after Christmas.

So we are pretty thankful that our little guy got an awesome bill of health. Not all the tests are back but O'Dell doesn't think we should expect abnormalities because he checks out as healthy as a horse.

Our little Prince Charming is a bit late for the party but he's here!

That's reason enough!


PegHead said...

I went to that blog you suggested. great blog! I'm so happy to hear you have a happy, healthy son! It's so good to see updates about you all on here!

Allison said...

So glad for a clean bill of health!

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