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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thankful Day 6

An extra hour of sleep.

Picked one up from a sleep over... cleaned spill in car (again and it still stinks)... managed to train(do I really only have 1 month until the next half) on the Dreadmill...sent two off to a fall pumpkin patch/cookout/hayride/corn maze... took two to Hobby Lobby (CRAZY no idea there was a Christmas sale)... went for a walk to pick sticks for our Thankful Tree... Made a Chore jar (more later)... Made the bare bones of the tree... finally got to talk to Ray...made dinner... back to pick up two... introduce Jack to the world of Girl Scouts... home for baths, stories and bed...now for dishes and laundry and all that other stuff...

An extra hour... need I say more?

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