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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful Day 3

Today I'm thankful for friends that I can call or email at any time of the day or night. They immediately reply and we can briefly catch up.

Sometimes this might mean a church friend from way back ready to listen to me cry a river about what my personal mission in life should be and not life when I finally wind my way back around to the Great Commission.

Sometimes it's my family, my mom or my aunt. They make me laugh daily with their phone calls and texts, okay that's Nana Bonnie... Grandma still hasn't mastered texting. Still, laughing daily at their stories. In fact I giggled listening to a voicemail from Mom on my way home tonight. I didn't really understand her story because it was a bit garbled but still, she makes me laugh.

Sometimes this means a text from my big girls on their iPods...just to say they love me.

Sometimes it's someone from the adoption community. They are old friends that we suddenly have so much more in common friend, Facebook friends, ministry friends, non profit friends... they call back immediately to answer questions and communicate, to pray for you or someone you know. They are constant. Always there. The best sort of friends.

So if I talked to you on the phone in the last 24 hours or even sent a couple of quick emails. Thank you. Whatever you said or did meant a lot and sometimes I forget to say, "Thank you."

If this was Facebook, I would be tagging Emily, Kim, Shannon, Deborah, Anna, Mom, Aunt Bonnie, Penny, Arleigh and Hanan. Thanks guys! In one way or another you helped make my day.

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