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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thankful Day 16

This weekend we had missionaries visit our home. I am truly thankful for all that they do. Their visit and my children's behavior prompted parenting talk that revolved around chores, schedules, attitudes of entitlement, excess... things like that. Do my kids we have so much that it has become too difficult to take care of what we are blessed with or is it just a big old case of the lazies with a dose of apathy? Honestly, I think this is something I will struggle with until the day I die.

In the midst of the discussions about what to do to train our children, Ray got a note. Someone from work almost lost their fourteen year old daughter to a suicide attempt. I'm not sure if that quickly backed the train up to put life into perspective or gave me one more thing to worry about... most likely both. It made for a long and difficult Monday. Where is that darn parenting handbook when you need it?

I have a long list of things to grateful for today...

  • All the been there done that parents that comment. Thank you.
  • Grandma and Nana Bonnie are on their way this morning so that they can be here for Arleigh and Hanan's Veteran's Day Glee performance. They are awesome. 
  • A good night's sleep... everyone slept through the night last night, including me. 
  • The Pioneer Woman's blog... because dinner will be provided from her recipes this evening.
  • Gary and Jen Reeves... who deserve their own post. They are missionaries in Peru. I stood totally amazed as Gary told his story to Ray. He grew up in foster care, adopted at 16 and went off to the army. Now he is living in Peru developing relationships and teaching others about Jesus. They have been there for two years and plan to stay at least 10. If you are looking for something to do... he really needs support for a medical campaign. 
  • My kids... so often I'm focused on behavior that I desperately want to correct... usually some horrible habit picked up from their mother... that I often forget how great they are.
  • Interim school reports... They were good!!!
I better stop or I won't have much to say tomorrow. (wink wink nudge nudge)

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