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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thankful 27-28-30

I'm am refusing to give up on my 30 Thankful posts...even if I have to combine the last few.

27 - I'm thankful that this boy...

has gained almost nine pounds in the past two months and he's standing almost 2 inches taller. He's pretty cute too.

28 - I'm thankful that Ray stuck with it and helped Hanan with her Math even when I was ready to send her to her room and possibly hit Ray. Math is not my favorite subject. It's hard for me and it's hard for Hanan too. I'm thankful that Ray is her to help her out and her grade is coming up with his persistence.

30 - I'm very thankful that our family is now complete. We seem to be slowly shifting into a new phase. While I miss my babies, the tween years are pretty great too. The girls are growing into beautiful young ladies. Bria is stepping up and trying to mother Jack after four years of being smothered with the mothering of her sisters. Jack is a joy to have around. We still have bumps but I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter what stage you're at, the bumps make it interesting.


Sharon Ankerich said...

SO amazing that Jack is growing SO healthy!!! LOVE does wonders doesn't it? Our boy is making our life super interesting and fun. A whole new world for us as is for you too I'm sure. Blessings and love!

Lilly said...

i enjoyed reading your 1 a day post thru november. we also have a boy from taiyuan and his older sister (by 3 months and 3 days only!) loves to mother him around (yeah, she sounds like me most of the time LOL)

i'm glad he is growing healthy and happy. nathan is not much of a meat eater and prefers rice and vegetables. i hope it stays that way for a long time.

merry christmas to you and your beautiful family!

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