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Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful 21

Yesterday afternoon, we were blessed beyond measure. Our church through Jack a Welcome Home Shower.
 I immediately teared up when I walked in because this frame was sitting on the table. It's a picture of Bria's Sunday School class, the class mentioned in this post. In case you can't read the frame, it says, "For this child we prayed...Jack"
 The only reason you are seeing this picture of me wiping Bria's face and explaining I'm sure that this was Jack's special day... is because it's the only one where you can see the decorations. They were so cute and so Jack. There were race flags and cars everywhere. Arleigh was my photographer and clearly she is not as picture happy as her Mama. We'll work on that.
 The backhoe... I have nothing more to say since I hear it running 24/7. It has to be put on a high shelf for sleeping. He is truly a boy after his Daddy's heart with a haircut to match.
I've had a baby shower for every one of my kiddos. This one was different, clearly because Jack was there. I have never been so teared up. A quilt made by sweet, sweet people that can help with his language, the picture frame... And one moment so special I wish I had it on video. One special lady followed us all the way through this adoption, always asking about Jack and offering to pray. She was sitting right there on the front row. Jack opened a Lightening McQueen, squealed and jumped and started saying, "Thank You!" as only Jack can. He's still not really speaking much. I looked up and saw tears in her eyes she so wanted to please him. She sure did!

We are now outfitted in Cars 2 and plaid shirts, which we love! Bria and Jack have played all day. We have computers that match Brias (hooray for no more fighting over turns!) and lots of underwear that I hope he wears very, very soon.

I am so thankful to our church family. They have clearly been very invested in Jack's adoption, praying for his transition and for delays to stop. I was feeling conflicted about the shower. He is child number 4, so many people have passed down clothes and toys. After seeing the needs of the kids in his orphanage, I was torn thinking maybe I should be sending things there instead. Seeing the joy on Jack's face when he got to open things that are his and seeing the joy on the sweet ladies' faces when he was so excited, totally took all that away. Sometimes you just need to stop being a blessing blocker.

Thank you Great Oaks family for the wonderful blessing that you are!


Allison said...

And I missed it! So sorry I wasn't able to come. I am glad Jack had a great time!

Sharon Ankerich said...

Nothing sweeter than being blessed by your church family!!! What a fun time~ Jack's hair is adorable!!! Need to get WP's cut too! XO

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