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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Peek A Bug Whisperer

Bria has always had a fascination with Lady Bugs, AKA Peek A Bugs. I have probably mentioned it before. Her last two birthday parties had a Peek A Bug theme. I seriously say Peek A Bug instead of Lady Bug all the time, even to adults. It's weird. We also had a problem when Bria was studying the letter "L" at school. It was very confusing to her how Peek A Bug could start with an L. It's a problem.

A couple of weeks ago Bria participated in a Thanksgiving Feast at school. The school set aside a time for the kids to participate in a feast and hopefully try some new foods. I wasn't there. Insert a sad face because there are no pictures. She did come home with a feathered headband and a new Indian name. The back of her headband said, "Peek A Bug Whisperer." So fitting. Thank you Miss Kristin!

This weekend at Grandma's Bria was living up to that name. There were Peek A Bugs everywhere and every one was a pet. I'm sure when we left they were a little worse for the wear.

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