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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Orphan Sunday Conflictions

For the past few months, I've had a lot of restraint when it comes to this blog. Shocking! I know! Several different things with several different people family and not are happening around me. I would like nothing more than to let a few of them have it full force, or at the very least climb up on my soapbox. Like I said, restraint. It is shocking just ask my mother. Today, I'm loosening the ropes on one of those subjects.

You see, as an adoptive family there are times that I think that everyone is convinced that I'm twisting their arm to try to get them or someone else to adopt. While hearing about other families adopting sends me over the moon, I'm not trying to convince anyone about what God has in store for them. In fact, if you must know I'm generally pulling up my boot straps to deal with our own junk and not really thinking about yours. If someone asks me about adoption, I'm happy to talk about it and point them in the right direction, but I try not to bring it up out of my own weird fear that someone will think I've gone off the deep end. I have but that's a whole other blog post.

All that to say, today is different. Many churches and other organizations designate today as Orphan Sunday. Our church is not one of them. That's okay. Really because with over 147 million orphans world wide, if you are a Christian you should be thinking of something to do every day, not one Sunday a year. Still, there is this boy in our house that reminds me still daily what his life would have been like. It's hard to let a day called Orphan Sunday pass without thinking about it or doing something.

This morning I took each of the girls hands and wrote 147 in sharpie. It sticks. I told them the world has 147 million orphans. The Bible says it's our responsibility...not just Jack but all of them. The one thing that we can do for all of them is pray. A friend started a campaign recently. My phone alarm goes off every day at 1:47 p.m. When it goes off I pray for the orphan, sometimes a specific one, more often that God sees fit to reduce the number through His church. Some days I write 147 on my hand so that when people ask, I can tell them. Today it was on the girls hands too. A few people asked. We got many different responses. I'm glad to have a door that opens for people to ask.

During Oct. and Nov. our church has planned specific fellowships. Tonight is one of them. We'll be having an ice cream social at about the time there is a webcast in honor of Orphan Sunday. While we are acting like gluttons on homemade ice cream and some of the best southern desserts, others will be praying and trying to find a way to make a difference. I'm a little conflicted.

Instead of going on and on... I'm just going to trust that I might have made someone else aware and I'm sharing a video floating around.

If you are looking for a way to help... pray, sponsor a child, ask what you can do. We can all do something.


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