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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Love/Hate Facebook

I was really irritated with Facebook last week. Now, I can't even remember why. Yesterday, a friend copied from an article that she read discussing how the passive aggressive comments used in social media is a new weapon of mass destruction and how had George Bush only known... Then I thought about it. Facebook is hard because the person could be passive aggressive or it could be a bunch of other stuff is happening on the other side of the computer screen that I have no way of knowing about because I only read a status from my phone in the car line. Too much brain power before I've had my diet Sun Drop. 

So here's my love/hate relationship

I love that I can live vicariously through other people. I hate that I feel the need to live vicariously through other people and not go out there and do it myself. 

I love seeing photos of people I knew from way back when. I hate seeing photos of people I knew from way back when and then saying, "Do I look that old?" or "How on earth do they look that good?" I am constantly comparing. 

I love that I can stay in touch with my navy friends all over the world. I hate that go into a grief mode every time someone moves and it seems like they are moving even further away. 

I love being able to chat with people that I don't normally get to have a conversation with. I hate it when someone that I could and often do talk to on a daily basis says something to me on Facebook that they wouldn't say to me in person. Is it for attention? Are they being passive aggressive? Am I over analyzing? The answer to every question is yes...

I love that sometimes I feel like a peeping tom. I hate that sometimes I feel like a peeping tom.

I love to get a ding on my phone and hear from someone I haven't talked to in a long time. I hate to get a ding on my phone with a Farmville request. I do not play Farmville! I have never played Farmville! How do I turn that crap off anyway? 

I love it when I finally figure out the "new" Facebook. I hate that just when I figure it out another "new" Facebook is launched. 

I love that I can live in my own little happy Facebook world where people are generally nice. I hate that my kids are going to start asking to get on Facebook and I wonder if they will be strong enough to hide the mean people or ignore them. I hate that there is an evil side to social media where bad people stalk like a lion looking for the injured animal to run down first. 

I love that I can stay in touch with my family. I hate that I have to stay in touch with my family via social networking on a computer. 

I love that I know when everyone is putting up their Christmas tree and all the people who refuse to put it up early. I hate the pressure I feel because of this to put up a tree to to wait. 

I love that could go on and on. I hate that could go on and on about something so very silly. 

What do you love/hate about Facebook?

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