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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving 29

Lots to be thankful for about our trip home for Thanksgiving. It started with a slow crawl down I-40. It was so slow in fact, that we decided to take a little known back road it typically adds fifteen minutes but at that point, we thought traffic might be backed up for miles. Thirty minutes later I took the next exit only to be stopped by a line of police cars. Then we saw this

This is the newspapers photo, not mine. You could literally see the front of the truck peeking out the back of the building. In other news, the owner of that red car is okay, he stepped out of the car moments before. He forgot to take his gun out of his luggage though when he went to the airport. Poor man was processed through 201 Poplar and is facing charges. I actually hope they cut him a break. I might forget too if a semi had missed me by inches. I am thankful we missed this and whatever happened ahead of us on the interstate.

I love the drive home. Dave...if you are reading, we thought about you. We saw a repossessed mobile home dealer who would also sell parts. It was raining and I missed the picture.

Speaking of missed pictures... every time we get on the mule I take my phone or my camera, most often my camera. Mr. Jack loves the mule and bouncing. I didn't grab either for our last right. We bumped into a neighbor who just happened to have a saddle blanket and horses who were having their dinner. All three girls rode bareback. I have never ridden bareback. The funnier part of the story was when the sweet guy asked who was going first, Arleigh and Hanan both pointed to Bria. They weren't being sweet... let the little one take the licks first so we can see just how scary it is. Hanan was second. Jack is too nervous around animals to even think of putting him up there. He watched from the mule with Grandma.

We managed to have a big dinner with Tye. Then we had Thanksgiving with the Wheelers (my Mom's family). Ray and Arleigh got a little time out for a movie while the rest of us shopped. We looked at land for retirement. I loved the location...out in the country enough, close enough to the lake and no curvy roads. We had dinner out with Nana Bonnie, Nana Bonnie's Don and Tye. Arleigh and Hanan spent the night with Nana Bonnie. I'm not sure if she's recovered yet. They apparently laughed all night. Then we went to church and had lunch with the Kendalls. Jack happily played with anyone who would play with him while the girls pretty much went from room to room shrieking with their cousins. I almost forgot... Ray made Jack a train table with Grandpa's scraps while we were there. It was a busy long weekend.

Here are some pictures of the highlights. I'm thankful for everyone there and that we got to come home for a Thanksgiving. I hope it isn't another 15 years before we get to do that again.

I'm also well aware that Arleigh and Hanan seem absent. Apparently they've reached an age when they run off by themselves, especially when there is a farm and it's warm enough to be outside. So.... at Christmas I plan on being very diligent about taking their pictures.

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