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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Did I Mention

Did I mention Ray is off running around a beautiful European country that I have yet to visit and he's been there too many times to count? In fact so many times, he tried to get out of this trip.

Did I mention that since he's been gone I took a stool sample to the base. No, not the kind of reupholstery sample that I long for... the other kind. Did I mention the boy is gross? Oh, I did mention that. It's because he is, really, really gross.

Did I mention that I shouldn't leave the girls out?  In their quest to not be as gross as the boy they use copious amounts of toilet paper leading to me plunging toilet after toilet while Ray is away. This tends to lend to an even more disturbing kind of gross. Wait, it's not more disturbing.

Did I mention that I have a hard time getting to sleep when Ray is away? For some reason every creak and groan of this house is amplified when he's gone. Did I mention Bria is waking up like clock work every night at 3:30. Did I mention I'm in an awesome mood? I didn't, we'll there's that.

Did I mention that the internet is as slow as molasses for Ray? Makes communication a bit difficult.

Did I mention (This is for Ray) that there is a Life Is Good sweatsuit at the NEX that I would have loved today and would be an excellent Christmas gift?

Did I mention that I have a long Christmas list in my head but then I feel guilty because I already have so much and I ask for goats, chickens and wells? Ray, did I mention you should maybe ignore the last statement?

Did I mention that I'm having a hard time with balance? I want and frankly covet but I want to give more to help eradicate poverty? I want to do for the kids but I'm irritated when they don't do for themselves? I want to lose weight and be healthy but I don't want to go for long runs or eat veggies? Did I mention that Wendy's commercial that seems to be on every second?

Did I mention that Jack went to Bible Class last night? I should have taken a picture. He was awesome.

Did I mention that as I sat outside Jack's class, Bria's class was right next door? I must have mentioned how loud she was and how bossy she seemed to be. Her sweet teacher assured me that she's perfect. Did I mention that I have my doubts? I'm pretty sure I'm in trouble when she starts school.

Did I mention that I think I know where we will be moving? Maybe... I'm sure I didn't mention where because I'm not allowed. Did I mention that I'm frustrated that we don't have orders? I know we're out there a bit but really...

Did I mention that I think it's time to be quiet now? I'll now mention of few of Bria and Jack's cutie patootie friends that went to the nursing home with us.

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