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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dear Ray

Dear Ray,

I really really hate it when you're gone. My disgruntledness at your absence is mostly selfish, like the way I don't sleep. I can't call you whenever I want to tell you about your children's shenanigans or my brother's. No worries, nothing has happened with Tye this week. There is no one else to get frustrated and drag out the vacuum, although Arleigh may be close to it. The dog won't scoot over like you do. Generally, we miss you.

Since we can't talk on the phone every night while you're away and you don't have the same insight into yahoo news that I do, I thought I would write you a note to let you know what's happening.

Alabama lost. So did the Titans. Shocking right? The tickets went unused and I think it bugs me more than it does you. I'm glad I didn't watch it happen live.

Andy Rooney died. That makes me sad even though we only watched him when football caused the DVR to record 60 minutes instead of The Amazing Race.

Sophie has a boyfriend. Hanan doesn't know him but I'm pretty sure he was at the party. Time to move!

Jack has discovered the scooter. Might be time to purchase one that doesn't include princesses or fairies. He also went to Bible class, twice. He made it through the ice cream social without meltdown. The potty stuff is still crap...literally. He and Bria are also loving the balls in the living room because it was rainy for a bit. Speaking of that, it might be time to hide the balls because I'm not sure the living room can take much more. For such short legs, he has quite the kick.

Arleigh and Hanan survived Uncle Tom's Farm. I hate sending them places by themselves. I almost didn't survive considering the caravan was a half hour late and they were in other people's cars and Bria had to potty in the parking lot. Watching all the split panty potty tricks in China came in handy...and thankfully it was very dark.

The Christmas lists are coming. Arleigh doesn't want anything that doesn't involve the word Teen, Bike or Apple. It can also start with the a small i. She would like to discuss cell phone plans but thankfully she's too afraid of my wrath to bring it up. Hanan's lists consists of several preschool toys. I don't want her to grow up too fast but I'm wondering how many pillow pets and blankets that look like animals that she needs. It might be time to introduce her to the wonderful world of photography that she keeps mentioning. Bria wants IT ALL! Jack... something that isn't pink and doesn't have the word or fairy or princess would be nice. I'm thinking he might need his own tractor to drive around or a train table. Did I mention that Life Is Good sweat suit? You know, in case you were wondering about my list.

We're working on our thankful tree. Bria should have the house spotless by tomorrow. I've decided she whines just to get a chore out of the jar and then whines because it's not the chore she wants. Go team! Good news is, big girls don't whine within earshot. Jack doesn't know how yet. I'm sure Bria is working on that though.

Jack thinks he has mastered the stairs. I think he's still a bit top heavy. Luckily he gets nervous after step four.

Pretty sure Tucker killed a mole. I can't find it. I'm not trying very hard either. You have that to look forward to when you get home.

Fall bins are all put away. Against my better judgement, I'm pulling the Christmas bins out early. Never fear, I promised myself that I would scrub the house first. At this rate they can come out after our next move.

Every week until Christmas is already over scheduled in case you were wondering.

We miss you. Wish you were here so you would hear it all first hand. I know you're enjoying it where you're at but if you get the chance, come home soon. We love you!



Allison said...

Aww, this makes me miss Ray too! Good luck with those lists :)

Ray said...

Love you too my love!

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