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Friday, November 4, 2011

Car Lines & Heels

Maybe it isn't what you think. Yesterday, the girls got in the car and something was wrong. Arleigh was upset. She does not like that feeling of I've done something wrong. Something was wrong. It didn't take long to hear the whole story but I need to back up.

Yesterday we woke up to rain, a cold rain. By drop off time the rain had stopped put the clouds were still threatening. The wind was chilly. I told them to get ready, grab their stuff. They jump in the car. I noticed Arleigh wasn't wearing her jacket but she usually has one in her hand. When they got out of the car, no jacket in sight. I tried to stop her but there was no way the teachers would take them outside for recess. If it's below 60 degrees, I've noticed the teachers do everything they can to stay inside, especially if it's wet. I let her go. The short walk from the gym to the car might remind her to get her coat. Plus, it could totally be some tween cool thing to go without a coat. We're there too.

So as Arleigh and Hanan were about to leave the school for the car line, I was already parked. Usually they are waiting for me. The entire line was slowed down. Apparently an adult told Arleigh she couldn't leave the building without a jacket. She was raising her voice. This is someone the girls didn't recognize. She stopped her and kept raising her voice. She made her go through her backpack in case there was a sweatshirt. Finally Hanan pulled out an old sweatshirt. It was too small for Arleigh but the lady made her put it on. She was mortified. Her Mama, however, was angry.

I'm so tired of the adults having a bad day or being tired of their job and taking it out on children in their charge. It has happened more than once. How many times do I have to tell the girls, "I know but you have to respect them and love them. Maybe they were having a bad day. At least you didn't make it worse." I should also note that I'm not talking about their teachers. Their teachers are kind and even tempered. These people have different roles at the school, cafeteria workers, front office staff and some other random people who need to interact with the kids at this particular school are the worst offenders. Can I insert here I miss Kempsville so much right now it hurts!

I wrote a letter, explained what the girls told me and that we discussed how to respond. I told the assistant principal that just letting them know made me feel better but maybe they should make sure she isn't terrifying the younger kids. School should be a pleasant experience. A phone call and a brief meeting at my car... and I'm not sure if Arleigh feels better but I do.

Oh yes, the heels... I heard clomping and found this.

 Bria must have a stash of my shoes in her room. He clomped around for a bit. He also got stuck in the handle of his Hot Wheels case yesterday. I missed that shot. Yes, I said in the handle, don't ask. He walked up and down the steps yesterday. I am in trouble and HE WALKED UP AND DOWN THE STAIRS yesterday. I think he motor skills are developing nicely thank you very much. He currently prefers playing in Bria's room. Something about hearing her squeal every time he grabs one of the toys she got for her birthday.

Not to be outdone by her brother... She insists that she needs her picture taken too.

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