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Saturday, November 5, 2011


When Bria was little, Grandma said she was fluent in Briaese. She seemed to have her own language. She still entertains us with her Briaisms.

Bria is fascinated with the sun roof in the car. She calls it the big window. It's getting chilly here. She asked to open the big window. I told her no. She asked why. I told it's because she would freeze. She said, "Are you saying I'll turn to stone Mama?" No, I'm saying you'll get cold. "Cold like a stone?" Sure Bria... cold like a stone.

This morning she was happily playing with Jack. "Are you having fun, Bria?"
"Yes, but can you put up a gate or something? He's gonna get the Barbies."

Then, my all time favorite. I asked her if she was happy Jack is home. She took a second and then said, "Yes. But I want a sister too." I laughed and explained that she has two sisters. She laughed back at me and said, "I mean a sister like Jack." I wish you could hear her and emphasis she puts on certain words like mean. I smiled and said, "I don't think that's happening honey. Daddy says we're done." She looks up and says, "My head thinks that he will change his mind when we get to (insert next duty station that I'm not supposed to tell you about here.)" My head thinks she's wrong...

I love that kid!

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