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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bria And Charles

This is Bria...

This is Charles. Please try to ignore the fact that he is in fact wearing Bria's clothes. Long story but I'm really glad that I have this picture to use as leverage just in case. I'm getting to that...

Bria and Charles go way back...

Like to the sandbox back...

This is one of my favorite way back photos. I love how Charles is explaining exactly how long...

This is the Christmas card picture in which Bria is sporting a black eye courtesy of Charles. 

This would be the most recent picture I have of Bria and Charles, taken in the dark in the museum that houses all of Elvis' old cars at Graceland. Notice how it's blurred... because neither of them could be still. 

It's been nearly two years since we've lived in the same vicinity as Charles. In the past two years, they were able to visit for a long weekend. We've skyped. We haven't seen them in what seems like forever. You can imagine how surprised I was to hear this conversation this morning.

Bria and Ray were discussing a gathering that would be happening at our house.

Bria: Is Edison coming?
Ray: No honey, Edison's family had other plans.
Bria: I really wanted Edison to come.
Ray: Do I need to have a chat with Mr. Edison? Is he your boyfriend?
Bria: NOOOOOOO Daddy! Charles is my boyfriend!!!

I am in serious, serious trouble. Bria and Charles together just means TROUBLE. The stuff these two got into together as babies and knowing what they've gotten into separately as they aged from 2 to 4 in the blink of an eye. Oh my word! On the bright side, together they might just have enough power to rule the world.  I'm not sure what she would do about the name thing though... Bria Stiff Babcock just does not sound right.

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