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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

An Answered Prayer

This morning rushing to get the girls to their fitness club while fixing lunches and monitoring a morning routine, I was bothered. All the little things that add up to a boiling point were there. All the things that kids can do... all of them that make you question your parenting skills. When they are not responsible for their things, snarky, fighting amongst themselves, selfish, lazy, unorganized, you know, displaying all the traits I hate most about myself when I let them boil to the surface. One of the my pet peeves, the worst possible trait... acting entitled. Oh my word. I drove them to their fitness club telling them that I wasn't sure what was going to change but things have to change. Could be that I've been single parenting for over a week too. I drove back home with Bria asking 10,000 questions just like usual with my brain addled with ideas. How do I get them to not act that way if I find myself acting that way? I'm trying to change them and I'm having problems with the same stuff.

Anyway... bad morning.

Then my phone dinged... you've been tagged. (Look for another post about my love hate relationship with Facebook and it's dings later.) It was a note from Jack's Bible school teacher.

Last year, Ms. Roberta taught Bria. I'm amazed at her class. She loves on those kids. They listen to her. She really gets them to understand The Bible, prayer and praising God. She is blessed with a gift to teach three-year olds. She is also a published writer. Recently she started a blog. Jack and Bria were featured this morning.

Suddenly I realized that Orphan Sunday was Jack's first time in her Bible class. I think of all the weeks and months that Bria sat in the class and prayed and prayed for him to come home. I'm glad I didn't put everything together as I watched him from the back of the classroom on Sunday. It was hard enough not to cry thinking about his first time there. Roberta did a wonderful job of commemorating that Sunday on her blog.

Pay her a visit. Please leave her a comment and tell her that I sent you. I'm sure you'll love what she's writing about... my kids. Check out I Write....Therefore I Blog.

Now I'm off to get off my lazy bum and be a better example. I hate it when that happens.

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Gdine said...

One morning while trying to get the girls all going & off to school I became really frustrated that they were not doing the things I told them to do, taking too much time, etc, etc. I started a rant about 'Why do you start the mornings off this way? Why can't you get dressed without me having to yell? Why do you make it start off a bad day?' Katie looked at me and very calmly stated, '_We_ are not having a bad day.' I really wanted to hit her.

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