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Monday, October 31, 2011

This Weekend

Here's our weekend in bullet form... you'll understand why in a minute.

  • Jack finally had a doctor's appointment! (All good. I promise it's a whole post.)
    • The appointment took over two hours.
    • I had to hold him down for 5 vials of blood and 5 shots. (See above.)
  • Grandma saved the day exactly 14 times. Odd since she was only here for a long weekend.
  • The big girls participated in a baby shower on Thursday that we had to leave early due to homework issues. 
  • We attended a work function for Ray sans kids. Did I mention Grandma saved the day?
  • My friend Ginny took our pictures at Arlington on early Saturday morning. I was not prepared. (Again, another post...)
  • I lost my phone.
  • Ray and I attended the prayer vigil at church. This is another high five to Grandma!
  • We hosted a Peek-A-Bug Pancakes & Pajamas Party in honor of Bria's birthday. It was a simple and a success. Thanks again Grandma!
  • Jack survived the party in spite of thinking more than once that he clearly could not. Thanks again Grandma!
  • We hit Trunk Or Treat last night.
  • Again, the boy survived. He actually prefers costumes in the dark. 
  • We forgot to pack key elements of the girls' costumes. 
  • They didn't win a prize. 
  • In case you're wondering... We appeared as Cinderella, Prince Charming, The Evil Step Mother, And Drucilla and Anastatia. (The Step Sisters)
  • This morning, I fear Mount Washmore has reached it's peak. I'm dreading my climb to the summit. It has begun.
  • My house looks like a tornado hit one of the houses from that show Hoarders. Fall decor is piled in my bathroom, lady bugs liter the house, and the candy wrappers... Halloween I don't like you anymore.
  • I must hit the summit of Mount Washmore today because Ray leaves for a couple of weeks tomorrow. 
  • Jack and Bria are participating in a costume parade at a nursing home.
  • The girls sans Jack will trick or treat tonight. (His distaste for candy and having people in his face will probably leave him at home or at least in the wagon like he'll be for the parade today.
  • I think I used entirely too many parenthesis in a bullet post. (What do you think?)
I can't stand it... a sneak peek...

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Anonymous said...

Oooh my goodness! YOU ROCK!! Can I be the first to comment on the fact that you all look very wondermous! Prince Charming is an understatement, and wow are the girls growing up!! Finally catching up with my blog reading after a tussle with the first virus of the season... reading your blog always brings smile to my face! Hugs,

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