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Thursday, October 20, 2011

People Of Wal-Mart

Fall break and Ray out of town means that we have hit Wal-Mart twice this week. I could also add that I have yet to figure out our new milk needs since Jack has been home. We added one boy and somehow seem to be going through milk at least 3 times as fast.

Anyway, a couple of days ago we were in the baby aisle. The cheap little monitor that I was using in Bria's room bit the dust when I moved it to Jack's room. I hear from over my shoulder, "Are they all yours?"

I turned braced for whatever could come next. "We have a newborn. Someone gave us a bunch of generic diapers and everything is wet!" This, I can handle. I smiled talked the pros and cons of diapers and expenses and congratulated them. Not as bad as I was braced for. I did wonder where the newborn was with Mom and Dad wandering the aisles of Wal-Mart looking like a couple of zombies in the middle of the afternoon.

Today, we were back. Milk and halloween run. (Yes, the costume list is finally nailed down!) It was late so I broke down and let the kids pick something from the McDonald's in the back for lunch. Not my favorite place but it's amazing what Arleigh and Hanan will open up about if fries and soda are involved. That's when he walked over. He was an older gentleman. He was teasing and asking if he could take the worst one off my hands. I wanted to say, "Well today that would be..." I refrained, seeing as how I love and want to keep all my children. I said they are all pretty good and smiled. He teased some more and went to order.

Then, he came back. It starts with, "Can I ask you something? You don't have to answer." I sat up straight. I can't tell you how many thoughts ran through my head of what he might want to ask, especially in front of the 9 and 10 year old who pretty much understand everything as well as the implications. I said "Ask away." I wish I could say I was whispering a prayer. I did say a prayer of thanks that it all went okay later.

My new friend says, "Well, I know that one is yours. (Pointing at Arleigh.) And that one is yours. (Pointing at Hanan.) And that one is yours. (Pointing at Bria.)" At this point I'm thinking please don't say he's not mine... Then he says, "And this one you must have adopted because you wanted a boy!"

I smiled. "Well, he is adopted. We didn't go looking for a boy. We wanted to give a child a home and someone told us that boys that are waiting for homes in China. We were told its harder for them to find homes so we went there."

I was braced and waiting for the worst but people are just curious people. When you are walking around with more than 2.5 kids and one of them doesn't look like the rest you are a natural oddity. In all that, I really hope the girls heard that I wasn't looking to replace them with a son.


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

My sister is white as...well, white, and has a son with a Korean man. She gets these comments/looks all.the.time as well! You handle it well!

Sharon Ankerich said...

You did SO good friend!!! XOXO

Della Stiff said...

You handled it perfectly! Jack may be adopted, but the gentleman was wrong because Jack is yours and Ray's and one our our "Stiff Family".

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