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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Secret

I have a dirty little secret... I'm not a saint...not even close.

After writing, deleting and repeating about 500 times. I've decided to leave it at that. Not a saint. Not a Mother Theresa Want To Be. Not a super mom. I'm ordinary. Most days I feel like I'm failing miserably... maybe like you? I haven't done anything this week that you can't do. If you really think it's what you're supposed to do, it might be.


emily said...

Love this post for so many reasons!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

100% woman! I love your honesty!

Sharon Ankerich said...

None of us are~ some just fake it better than others. :) I'm not a saint either and have to pray myself through many a day! blessings!!! XO

heidi said...

My friend, there are days - nay, WEEKS at a time that I feel like such a complete failure. I am not doing enough, I am not doing good enough, I am not doing good. People call me Supermom all the time. (Uhm, rereading that it sounds like I'm bragging but I'm not. Honest.) They say, "I don't know how you do it." or "God Bless You for doing what you do." And yk what? I feel a little resentful when they say it. That's my dirty little secret. Most days *I* don't know how I do it either. Some days I count the hours until bedtime. Some days I hide in the bathroom with a book, a pepsi and a bowl of chips and lock the door while saying, "mommy has to go stinky!" Some days there's wine (oh, all right - there have been days where there was too MUCH wine). None of us is perfect. Anyone who claims to have it all together is a liar and fake. We all have failings and we all have our own dirty little secrets. Perhaps the dirtiest little secret of all is that we are merely human. Don't be so hard on yourself. You're loved and you're doing all that you CAN do. Mwah!

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