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Thursday, October 27, 2011

First Time in 22 Years

I've been struggling with what to write about. So many things are happening... fight the insurance, watching Jack change, getting ready for big family changes and keeping my head above water. There is also the fact that we have been studying James on Wednesday night and doing a study on raising children on Sunday mornings. How much do I say about the school, the schedules, trying to carve out time for extended family... so much.

Today, I have the opportunity to tell a different story. I have been driving for 22 years. The first time I was pulled over, I was 16. Once I was doing more than 20 miles and hour over the legal limit...my brother the cop happened to be in the car with me. Ray is always accusing me of driving like a Nascar racer, something about I'm totally messing up the transmission on the mom mobile... Today was the first time in 22 years that I got a speeding ticket.

I seriously had to ask what I had done. I had no idea I was speeding. Cops on motorcycles when it's suddenly 50 degrees are apparently not amused. That, or I am old and haggard like that cartoon Nana Bonnie loves of the too old wrinkly women in bathing suits saying swimming in more dangerous now because the life guards are clearly not looking... He didn't miss a beat. He wrote the ticket. He asked if I owned the van and told me where to pay or go to court.

Ahhh yes, the court date... December 28th... our Christmas break... we will be out of town. Good thing last nights lesson was on taming the tongue. Does it count if I say the words in my head? Are me head and my heart the same thing?

I pulled over. Bria was furious that the cop would take my driver's license and make her late for her Halloween party.  Jack was giggling with nervous laughter because he could tell I was upset. I was trying not to cry because I don't know who I'm madder at, the cop who could have at least been polite or me for breaking the speed limit.

It's all done. I'll be writing a check. The thing I'm really upset about, is I just flushed enough money down the drain that I could have sponsored a child in Jack's orphanage for three months.

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Kristie said...

ugh! I know how you feel. I got my first one after 18 years of driving. I was so mad thinking what I could have done with that money.
We are one week away from leaving! Can you believe it???

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