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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Catching Up

Did I just title a post catching up? I think I did. Must have been the fact that I a friend of the girls is sleeping over, Ray is out of town and the warm water must have been really encouraging to get Jack to try to poop in the bathtub...again. I would love to say it was a completely failed attempt. I can only say it wasn't completely successful. Then there were the little girls screams and gags. I'm wondering if this is the new normal.

So let me recap...

We had a family outing to the zoo. I think about 60% of the zoo outing, this was Jack. I'll look away from whatever they are looking at then it won't be there. One of the first animals we saw was the elephant. I promise if I could read his mind it was thinking, "These crazy people let that dog wolf thing in my face all the time what are they going to do with these?" By the end of the day he was enjoying himself a bit more.

 Have I mentioned that more and more, I'm craving the life of a panda...eat...sleep...repeat...as much as you want.
My monkey whisperer. We saw Zoo Keeper just before we went to China. It's her dream job.
 The wolf came over to say hello. Usually they are pretty far away.
 Maybe it's just bears in general...
 This is not the I'm enjoying myself face. This is the holy crap there is a waterfall face. It could also be the do you think they'll throw me over and feed me to the bears face.
 If you could see my face in this picture it would be the should I just give up on the whole idea of a family picture?
 Nana and Pa Pa came to town this weekend to meet Jack. The pictures are messed up and, well, I'm too tired to fix it. So not in order... we visited replicas of the Nina and Pinta on the river. It was pretty cool especially considering there has been an overkill on Columbus thanks to Columbus Day.
 Yes, please keep off the Dinghy. Did I mention what when I get tired I have the maturity of a sixth grader?
 We ate at Rendevouz. Bria liked the ribs.
 No, really, she loved the ribs.
 Jack liked the red beans and rice. He ate three bowls! Yes, I paid for it later. No that wasn't yesterday's meal.
 He his clearly a Daddy's boy. Did I mention that Daddy is out of town?
 Bria got more presents.
 There's the whole family picture thing...
 Impossible I tell you.
 Hanan also picked up a frog Sunday night. I think he's living out front. I'm scared to mow.
Last, the Jack update that I've been asked about. Conversations with the pediatrician have happened but Jack hasn't met him yet. Jack has gained six pounds since his doctor's appointment in Guangzhou. That's a 25% gain in just three weeks. Clearly, eating is no longer an issue. Eating what I want him to eat sometimes is but I'm learning to be more flexible. Maybe trying to be more flexible is a bit more accurate.

Jack's language is improving. It is not improving as rapidly as I imagined but it is improving. His potty progress is about the same but some days that alone seems like regression. His attachment improves daily. He's still perfectly happily in some situations to go to and with anyone else. Sometimes, he grabs on fiercely and won't look anyone in the eye. I haven't left him in a Sunday School class yet, but it's coming because soon he will be a little too rambunctious for an adult class. I'll stay with him until he's comfortable. Since he has started acting like he wants to stay at school with Bria,  it won't take him long.

That's it. I'm off to bed. Maybe I can come up with more later. Happy what day is it again? Oh yeah, Happy Tuesday!


Sharon Ankerich said...

LOVE reading your update~ sounds like things are coming along normally. Sleep is the MOST important thing~ even more than eating! :) WOW that he has already gained 6 pounds. You are doing great!!! Hope you get great rest!!! Blessings!

Allison said...

I am amazed you can handle (I didn't say enjoy) poop in the bath tub. If I could give you special woman points, you'd get triple for that day. I hope Ray returns home soon!

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