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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Finding Hope

Yesterday was fabulous. It was also one of the only times we will be able to learn about Chinese culture and history without worrying about Jack. We tried to soak it all in and there are a few things that I want to remember. This morning especially I want to remember the hope we witnessed for the people.

As we passed Chairman Mao's burial site, I was reminded of the Egyptian pyramids. He is in a large building. As we walked our guide told us about the pilgrimage people make to see his body. She is a Christian just starting to find ways to tell others about her love for Jesus. She told us how Chinese people still believe that Chairman Mao was/is a god in spite of his death. He did horrible things to those that were considered rich, stripping them of their wealth and spreading it to the poor. People believe that if they visit him, he will somehow place a blessing on them and their family. As we walked, we saw the line to go in for Chairman Mao's body. I was tearing up looking at that line. It was so hard to see a line that stretched around a city block with such hope in nothing.

When we left the Forbidden City, there were beggars lining the sidewalk. I am certainly used to people down on their luck asking for help, especially in Memphis. The girls and I just had a conversation about a man who has high expectations of how we will help him outside of our local Wal-Mart. I've never seen anything like this. Each person had a physical deformity. Some were blind. One man who would clearly never be able to walk was pushing himself around on a pallet. One man with a beautiful voice sang while sitting on the sidewalk. He was burned on every visible part of his body and missing an arm. This was not the experience that I was used to. I think most of the people who have ever asked me for anything in Memphis have an opportunity for more. They may need help in the short term, but they have hope of overcoming. These people have to beg to live moment to moment for their entire life. It was so hard to see and will haunt me for a very long time. It was also a reminder of why special needs adoptions are so important. 

Ray and I talked about all the things we saw in the center of Beijing on our way to The Great Wall. It was hard and we were only in one part of the city. At the first stopping point we reached on the wall we saw this...
My heart was warmed seeing that. Somehow His name will continue to spread through people like our guide. This will be one of my favorite memories of China. Something to truly be remembered.

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Sharon Ankerich said...

What a beautiful story!!! I LOVE that God allowed you to have a Christian guide and I love how your wrote about the special needs people begging. We saw them to when we went to get EK. It was hard but so China. I too saw that long line of people waiting in the line to walk by CM's body. Amazing! LOVE the brick wall~ JESUS does Reign!!! PTL! XO

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