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Sunday, September 18, 2011


We made our next leg of the journey early this morning. We took the bullet train to Taiyuan. Our guide thought we were a bit crazy asking to take the train. We thought it might be a good way to see more of China. She thought we were seeing China in the fight to get through the door of the train station. We made it on and it was actually far more comfortable than a plane.

After the four hour trip, we saw so much countryside, farms and small towns. Anyone reading this about to make the trip, I highly recommend the bullet train. The train station was a little intimidating to walk into but English was everywhere. We didn't have a hard time at all, just lots of stares.

Taiyuan is incredibly smokey. It's fast. Our guide is young. She pretty much got us to the hotel and left us on our own until tomorrow. We felt like we were playing Frogger to get across the street to the market. Totally worth it since a bottle of water in our room is almost $5 but it's about 30 cents there. We picked up some snacks for Jack in case we are at the Civil Affairs office for longer than we expect tomorrow. Did I mention that in a little over 15 hours, I'll meet my son!

I'll leave you with some pictures of our tour in Beijing. The internet is slowing down as I type, so we'll see how this goes.

So clearly it didn't work the way I wanted it to because it's now morning and it two hours we should have Jack! Can't wait. More later!


Kristie said...

Tell Alison that the Olges family said hello and we can't wait to see her again i a few weeks. Glad you guys are having a good time. I can't wait for you all to get Jack. Saying lots of prayers for you all.

Sharon Ankerich said...

SO SO SO excited for you!!! Oh how wonderful that you will be holding precious Jack in just a little while!!! Bless you all and so praying Jack will do well! Can't wait to see!!!XOXO

Kay Rolen said...

Thank you so much for sharing this! You are in my prayers and I am thanking God for your open hearts! Bless you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I am so excited to follow your trip! We are waiting for LOA for our son who is waiting for us in Taiyuan! I was debating about taking the train and I am so glad to hear you liked it! I can't wait to see the next post when you have your son in your arms!!! SO EXCITING!!!
Lovebug from RQ

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I have been following your blog and I think that maybe our little guy is in the same SWI as your little guy! I wrote you on RQ also and I can't wait to hear from you! I am anxious to see new updates when you get your little guy and hope that we can be in touch!

journeytochina from RQ (Sandra)

Anonymous said...

I'm so exicited for you and Ray! Glad everything is going good, enjoy your time and I'm praying for little Jack! I want him to have a good trip coming home! Can't wait to see him ! He is going to have such beautiful parents inside and out! Prayers and lots of love, Jay and Angie Beth

Stephanie Pigman said...

Looking forward to your next post when you have Jack in your arms! So excited for you all!

sharon said...

I am so excited for you guys! And way to live it up and check it all out while you are there. I am anxiously awaiting full family pictures myself! I bet t he girls are crazy excited, too! Congrats! Woo hooo!

Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration! Thanks for keeping us updated. Praying as always!!!

Carol said...

Congratulations! I am so excited for you guys and for Jack!! Prayers that things go smoothly and you have a safe trip home!

bringingvincenthome said...

We're hoping to travel soon for our guy in Taiyuan, too, and were thinking of taking the train - followed the same link here. I was excited to see Alison in the pics, too - she was our guide last time! Praying for your son's smooth transition.

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