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Friday, September 23, 2011

Still Stinky

I know. Flattering isn't it? Ray happened to just catch this. It should be documented. I've changed alot of diapers in my day. Potty trained three. I did a lot of really nasty things to get a degree in Criminal Justice. His poop is probably one of the nastiest smells I've ever encountered. His breath isn't much better either. We're working on it. He actually loves a bath and having his teeth brushed. Won't be long.


Adrian Roberta said...

Ping's loose/smelly poop's lasted just under a month, she had a paracite we all think, and it didn't require medicine, it just worked itself out. but *GAG* that smell was toxic

Love his big smile!!! What a Boy!

Sharon Ankerich said...

SJ's poop was the same way~ extremely stinky and kind of an orange color.. TMI. She did end up having a parasite too, giardia, and did need meds~ our whole family had to take it. Hoping he feels better soon! Blessings!

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