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Monday, September 5, 2011

She Made My Day

Maybe it's because I've had a little problem with my self control lately... and bread... and frozen yogurt. Maybe it's because I haven't up with Miss Clairol this month and every time I look in my mirror, I either see my father or my Mammaw... Either way, a text from Sue Sue made my day.

It read... "I'm watching something new on Food Network... Do you know her?"

I know her, well not personally but she might be my hero. I dream of the day that she would invite me to her ranch so I could show her how to make Gran's apple roll and then she could show me how to make a real pie crust and then how to take a picture of it all... Sigh.
The text continued. It said something about a new show on Food Network and something about how I just had to see it. I'm not sure though. I was crying and texting through tears... We don't have cable. 

Then, she said it. Sue Sue's text says, "She reminds me of you." Be still my heart. You know cause I can lasso a calf, homeschool four kids, take professional level pictures, write novels, write cookbooks, write children's books, blog daily and... I'll just stop there. I can make an apple tart and this Spicy Pork that is Ree's recipe. That's about it. That and herding children at a mall, spilling feed in my car and never cleaning it out, watching as the dog eats part of the feed and thinking it might make a good blog post, stuff like that.

Anywho Miss Sue Sue... you made my day to include me in such sweet company. I think my next date with Miss Clairol might include a spicy shade of red. I'm thinking Spicy Ginger. Sounds about right. Thank you Sue Sue!

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Sharon Ankerich said...

That is SO sweet! Glad I am your friend!!! XO

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