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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

RIP Titan

Last night, with wet hair from showers and pajamas on, we laid our little Beta fish, Titan to rest. He sleeps in peace in a shallow grave under the protection of an angel statue that our home owners left. Unfortunately, it's not helping with the sadness of three little girls. Trying to pretend that he was like Nemo and we could just flush him clearly didn't help.

Bria has recently insisted on kissing Titan goodnight every night. She is perhaps the most upset this morning. She is insisting on an immediate replacement. Her highness has proclaimed that new fish be blue and named Titan. No other fish will do.

Hanan is blaming herself. This has been a very good object lesson on taking care of things in our care. They haven't been stepping up with Titan lately. Honestly, it could have been because of something I did the last time I changed his water. She is beating herself up. The thought of something happening to Tucker is too much. My animal lover never wants another pet right now. I've been there. She'll get over it the during the next trip to Petsmart.

Arleigh is sad. She loves them fiercely but animals they aren't really her thing. She is bucking for a bigger pet, a turtle or a lizard.

I am quietly sad. I knew Titan wasn't feeling well because he would come over and say high to me every night when I put the dishes away. For the last week, he was pretty slow and quiet. I'll miss my little buddy.

RIP Titan. You are already very missed.

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Sharon Ankerich said...

We have a Beta too named Blue Bell~ I know my two littles would be SO sad too if he died. Hoping they are ok and a new Titan comes to love with you. SO sorry! XO

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