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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our Zoo

Say you're going to take a break and all you can think about is blogging. Then when you have multiple things happening and all sorts of things to talk about... time slips by. Plus, it's back to school. The computer is no longer just mine. We also have a little trip we're getting ready for...

Brief recap...alternately titled my life is a zoo.

We hit the TN Safari Park
 Hanan was like a pig in stink. We all fed the giraffe, bottle fed babies, and got disgustingly dirty.

Arleigh manned up and fed one of the biggest animals I have ever seen. It was a blonde buffalo. Despite it's best attempt, it could not get it's head in the window of the van. It actually took the feed bucket from Arleigh.
 Bria's favorite... She kept yelling, "Llama Llama Mad At Mama!" We love that book.
 The next one is my house, not a safari park. We baby sat baby chicks for the weekend. They peeped and squealed and the girls pretty much forced them to acclimate to human hands grabbing at them all the time. They were sweet. I actually miss them. The night they left, the girls went to bed and Ray said the house was suddenly eerily quiet.
 This is a horrible picture. It was funny. Ray was home from work early this week. I was cooking away for a family who has a new baby. I put something away in the island, turned and this thing was perched on my counter watching the pot of white chili bubble away.

I called Ray over to see it and proceeded to flip out when my new friend started flying around the kitchen. He landed on the top of the cabinets and was big enough to look like he was popping his head over to stare at us. Ray saved the day. He caught it and released it to eat what the caterpillar left of the tomatoes.

Welcome to my zoo.


Sharon Ankerich said...

It's always a zoo before traveling to China! :) Hope you are getting it all done!!!

heidi said...

Oooh! Fun. :-) And probably slightly stinky.

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