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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More Safari Pictures

I really need to write a little more about our Safari Park adventure. Clearly, feeding and petting a tiger with my new to me three-year old steps away was a memory I'll never forget. There was so much more.

We started with a train ride through the park that lasted almost forty five minutes. When it came to a stop, we saw an entire parking lot of trains...all with huge Mercedes emblems on the front. I asked Ray to take a picture. There are so many super expensive cars here. There is such a difference between the rich and the poor too. Our guide is always telling us what is expensive and what it not. I don't know if we gave her the impression that we are looking for a deal or if it's just what she does. Anyway, trains at the zoo... one more difference.

 Molly asked if we would mind if her family came along with her. Of course we said the more the merrier! Her father-in-law lives with her. Her son had never been to the Safari Park. Her husband was supposed to join us but he couldn't get the day off. It took us about 45 minutes to get there, so the fact that they could come in the van was a big deal. Molly typically rides the subway. We had a great time watching her baby and her father-in-law interact. Here's Molly's baby...
After the train one of our first stops was Animal Kindergarten. Ray did not have the camera zoomed in and didn't realize how close the tiger was until after he took the picture. The glass was only about 5 feet high. We played with this little guy through the glass for a very long time and were thrilled. You can imagine how excited we were on the other side of the park to go into the glass cage.
 There were lots of different baby apes in baby clothes with baby blankets. This little guy was waving at us.
 The shows were very funny. The music helped us understand a little of what was going on. This girl was in the Monkey King show. It didn't really hold Jack's attention but apparently Monkey King is a very big deal in China. Molly was really excited about this show. She's holding one snake with another one wrapped around her waist.
 We were watching a bird show when the music got loud and this guy rides out on a hippo. You can not make this stuff up!
Since college, I've had a true love/admiration of a panda. There were twelve in the safari park. I was really excited to go inside, even having the great views we've had at the Memphis zoo. Molly offered to take this picture after we tried to feed Jack lunch. (Notice the word tried.) I think I whispered to Ray as we were grinning from ear to ear, "Fake it until we make it."
 Then we got to see the pandas.
 They were great, so close, so lazy.
 Jack really seemed to love them as much as his Mama. See the nasty cup in his hand...someone else's trash. I have to watch him every second or he would claim every piece of trash in China as his own. At this point taking it away just wasn't worth it.
 This was the tiger show. Not kidding... 13 white tigers. This was after the bear playing basketball, the tiger playing tug of rope with the audience and the 10 lions. I've never been to Vegas, but I'm thinking they don't have the same number of animals in their shows.
Clearly we loved the Safari Park. If you are coming soon, we started at the north gate and got on the train first. We had the driver pick us up at the south gate. You can pet the tiger just as you finish with the pandas. The cub was no where near any of the other tigers. If Molly hadn't been with us, we would never have known. You pay 30yuan in cash when you get in the room. Everyone can go in the room. Only one adult can feed the tiger and be in the picture. Let me know if you go!

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I have gone back and read through every one of the post since you landed in China! I am so amazed by the experiences you have had, the strength you have shown, and? THe fact I can now put a face to you!!! Yay! (can I have your hair?)

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