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Saturday, September 24, 2011


Our guide here is Molly. I don't have a picture of her yet, but I will definitely get one before we leave. Yesterday we she took us to a local Chinese restaurant because Ray told her we were adventurous. Thank goodness it was out of my line of sight. Ray says you can see the chicken foot in the pan. She ordered us broccoli, tofu and half a chicken. I've never seen chicken cut like this. The broccoli and the tofu were very good. That's all I have left to say about that. 
While we were at lunch, Molly asked to see pictures of the girls. She was thumbing through Ray's pictures on his phone. Of course she said they look like Ray and Barbie and they are beautiful. Then she saw a picture of Grandma. She said, "She is so pretty! Very pretty! And she likes to fix up!" We thought that was funny until the next picture was Tye. She looked up and said, "Oh! That your Daddy?"  I thought I was going to fall in the floor. Then she got to a picture of Doug... Pa Pa sitting in his recliner. She said, "Oh he relaxed with big belly. He work for government?" I thought I was going to fall in the floor we were laughing so hard. She also thought Ray's brother, Mike had to be older than Ray. Sorry Mike, had to throw you under the bus too.

Today we are headed back to the island for church, then we plan to walk through the medicine market over to the pearl market. I'm pretty excited. 

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