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Friday, September 23, 2011

Little Angel

Jack had his first airplane ride (small assumption on our part) yesterday.  We were delayed about an hour in Tiayuan, so we made many walks back and forth through the gate area.  Little boy, lots of energy - what else would a good parent do but to wear him out before another huge adventure.  Well he gets onboard and takes all of this like a champ.  Take off went great and then he decided to take a nap.  What a cutie!
Then a little turbulence quickly turned this precious face into a rage of anger.  He does not like to be woken up, but to be woken up and find that you are in an unfamiliar place at 30,000 feet, it was a site to see.  He screamed for about a solid 10 minutes.  Now understand we have been receiving many stares while here.  Not only for being token white folks walking around, but we also have this little guy whom the ladies love.  On the plane with no where to run, let's just say, it was awesome.  We had an obviously Chinese mother next to us who wanted to take him, but my wife was the best.  She hung in there and showed those folks this wasn't her first rodeo.  He calmed down and it was a great moment where I think he saw another glimpse of our love for him.  What I saw most, is as much of an angel he looks in this picture, the true angel was my wife, B.  


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

She is amazing, isn't she? Way to go!

Allison said...

So glad Brandi was able to calm him down. Ray, that was such a sweet post! We miss y'all.

Sharon Ankerich said...

Precious post!!! Yay for the little angel and the momma one~ blessings to you all as you get to Guangzhou!!! Can't wait for more stories!!! XO

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