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Thursday, September 29, 2011

In Hong Kong

When you want to go home so badly you can taste it, you never want to hear your guide say, "Okay, I have bad news. I don't know what to do." My stomach flipped. We were standing in the lobby of our hotel with another group of adoptive families. I thought I might throw up. Things were being lost in translation. There was something about a typhoon, a warning issued in Hong Kong and no one could drive and we either had to try and find a way to the train or stay another night in Guangzhou. All I could think is, it's just money. There's nothing we can do.

I looked up and the other families were boarding their bus to Hong Kong. I thought I might ask if I could hitch a ride. Jack was starting to get fussy because we sat so long in the lobby. The guide said she was going to call the driver one more time. The warning was lifted! He was on his way! Three hours later and one windy bus ride, we drove into Hong Kong.

The silver lining. Most of those other families already knew their flights are at best very delayed or at worst cancelled. One family was supposed to use the driver we used earlier in the morning. Their flight was cancelled. The driver was stranded in Guanzhou waiting to go home, otherwise we wouldn't have had a driver.  The only flight out that the other family could book was one that leaves the same day we do. Once again, I'm eating crow for Ray. I wanted to go home the second we got Jack's visa. Ray wanted to give us a buffer. I suggested more than once that see if we could get on an earlier flight. While it's not possible, we made it here safely and we're enjoying a beautiful view of the Hong Kong Harbor. We could have been delayed much, much longer.

Coming into Hong Kong at night, was gorgeous. I love the skyline of New York City at night. Driving over the suspension bridge into Hong Kong was probably the most beautiful skyline I've ever seen. Of course, I was busy keeping Jack happy and our driver was driving the wind whipped van really, really fast so I don't have a picture.

In other news, my eyes have been swollen since Taiyuan. I wore my glasses a couple of days last week which I hate and never do, just to tell you it's bad. Pretty sure I have a nasty eye infection. AKA pink eye. At least we're almost home.


Sharon Ankerich said...

OH my goodness~ what a day and I can just imagine how I would feel if we couldn't get out of Guangzhou~ probably sit down on the floor and wail. We want to know more about the drive to Hong Kong~ we have always taken the train but it takes SO long and would be wonderful to get taken straight to the hotel!!! SO happy you made it to Hong Kong~ we loved it! Spent three days there last time before we got SJ. Happy day!!!

Shannon said...

Hang in there sister.


I have loved hearing from you about your adoption trip and seeing little Jack open up. Is he from Taiyuan or another Shanxi orphanage? He is such a beauty and as we've had our daughter home for 2 months it is so fun to read about those amazing changes! WOw, what a lot these kids go through and how they manage is just beyond me, but that they thrive and smile and laugh is truly a miracle. Love your descriptions and pics of my old home, Taiyuan!

Allison said...

Happy you made it to Hong Kong safely--now to get you all the way home! Good luck on the flight!

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