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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Help A Girl Out! Please!

Okay folks... help a girl out. Maybe something good will come back to you. A few of my sweet regular commenters and guests have already gone over and voted.

Here's the deal. We have never had a family photo taken. It's probably mostly because I have a deep fear of being in front of the camera. I'm happy to be behind it though... Anyway, my friend Ginny is a really super photographer. She recently won awards for her nursery that I showed you. She's not one of the photographers to Lillipops Designs. I have a session booked with her for new family pictures and Christmas cards. She is having a contest through her business on her Facebook page. Is it me or did that sound like a run on sentence?

I'm slightly competitive. I'm also having an anxiety attack wondering why a few of the people that I specifically asked aren't helping me out. That's a esteem issue blog post for another day. Anyhoo... I get $150 credit. I just bought airline tickets to China on short notice. Somebody help a girl out!

Even if you aren't my friend. You can vote for me. I'm happy to be anybody's friend. You can find me here.  The Ginny Phillips Photography Facebook page is here. So for me to win, you must like Ginny's page and then like my picture. The person who is currently winning literally has twice the friends I do but I'm only down by 25. I'm seriously not above asking you to create a Facebook page just to vote for me. Did I mention our session is already booked?

Here's a link to our picture. Clearly I'm not above begging. Please help me out! Please!

Okay, thanks. I'm off to obsess a little more.

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