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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Folk Art Museum

Falling behind with the posting. Yesterday was relatively quiet. We had the TB check and got the all clear! Praise God! In and out in less than five minutes. Little man didn't even have a meltdown because there wasn't time for it. Of course Ray checked it out before we left and knew he was good.

Molly took us to the Folk Art Museum. It was amazing!

 After the museum the driver suggested, at Ray's request a back street noodle shop. It was truly authentic back street China. As I was trying to feed Jack noodles awkwardly in my lap with chopsticks and a Chinese spoon, I was getting glares from the Chinese women. Sometimes the stares we get feel like they could burn a hole straight through you. Molly took pity on me, grabbed the chopsticks and started to feed Jack. Molly is a huge blessing to us here. I can't say enough about her.

Later in the evening Ray and I actually ventured out to similar back streets. After a not great, expensive meal at the hotel we decided we couldn't do any worse. We found a restaurant with pictures on the wall. We sat down fully prepared to point and grunt only to have a waitress bring out an English/Chinese menu. We still pointed and grunted at the menu. It was the best dinner we've had in China. Beef and vegetable fried rice was one dish. The other was spicy beef with peppers and potatoes. Jack ate. We ate. We left pretty dang happy.
We may venture out to the same restaurant again and the next time, I'll take my camera. I should also note that we are clearly the minority. In the mornings in the hotel we see adoptive families everywhere. We don't see any when we go for our nightly walks. Makes us wonder where they all go.

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Sharon Ankerich said...

Tell me which one it is!!! We need a new place to eat when we go! XOXO

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