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Friday, September 30, 2011

The Favorite Chinese Restaurant

I mentioned a couple of little hole in the wall places that we ate at while we were in China. In China, every place seemed to be a hole in the wall kind of place, quite literally. Unless, you were eating at a hotel. We found one place that we liked so much, we went back. All three of us could eat and have drinks for less than $5.

The pictures on the wall got us in the door. We are excellent and pointing, grunting and holding up any number of fingers to tell how many.
The view inside was pretty cute too...
 The other wall... lots of options.
Our favorite was the rice with peppers and potatoes. I know it sounds weird but it tasted so good. The beef and onions with rice was another favorite. These two big plates of food, were less than $1.50 each. The best part was, it tasted so much better than the food in the hotel.
 Because a few people have asked,  I walked across the street and took a picture so that maybe you can find it. If you walk out of the China Hotel toward the Kings Tomb, keep walking... Eventually you hit a side street. One side has the Sino Hotel, the other is a Celebrity Salon. You'll also see a Circle K. Walk down the side street, the restaurant is on the left. Our guide said something about it being a noodle restaurant. I often wanted rice at a restaurant like this because it made feeding Jack a little easier. I wish I had tried the noodles.

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Sharon Ankerich said...

Yay! Sure hope we can find it when we get there~ may have to talk when we are there if we can't. :) XO

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