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Sunday, September 25, 2011


We made it to the church service yesterday. Molly decided to attend with us even though she thinks the service is far too long. We made it with Jack until the last little bit. When he decides he's done, we're all done.

The service started with a brief welcome and singing. The sermon talked about the first chapter of James, one of our favorites. It was amazing to sit in a church in China and watch people worship freely. It started to rain just when we got to the church. As the church started singing the rain stopped and you could see the sunlight pouring in the windows. It was beautiful.


Sharon Ankerich said...

God is good and SO thankful you were able to worship while you were there~ We SO hope to do that this time when we go!!! Blessings!

Don and Lisa said...

Yea! That sounded incredible and it is amazing the sermon was on James 1. Wow! I'm hoping we can get there on the 9th. It would've been so cool to be there at the same time as you all (or Sharon who posted above me--one of my long time favorite adoption buddies).

So glad things are going well.


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