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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chicken Fries And Moon Cakes

The big excitement of the day... Jack ate something that was not rice! I can't even begin to explain how huge it was. I told Ray it was all I could do not to burst into tears in McDonald's.

Molly who will hereby be referred to as my guardian angel handed us a Moon Cake at the zoo. I have tried and tried to give Jack options, especially at breakfast, including Moon Cakes. I thanked Molly and told her I didn't think he would eat it. She said we should keep it and try it. After a long show I decided he might try it. He turned his head like he always does when I offered him the whole thing. I waited for a second then pinched some off. He ate the pinch. He seemed to like it. Before I knew it, he had finished the whole thing!

Now, all this was after a very stressful breakfast of Jack not really eating anything and having multiple meltdowns so I was clearly excited. We bought lunch in the park... another meltdown. I totally lowered my expectations at that point. I finally let go.

I'm so tired of rice and noodles. I've stretched myself and eaten things and in places that I never thought I would eat. We had a very long day at the Safari Park. I asked Ray if I could please have a hamburger so we went to McDonald's. We got Jack a Happy Meal. We set it in front of him. He didn't polish it off but he ate alot of his fries and ate almost all of his nuggets.

Prayers were answered today. It was a good day tantrums and all.

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Sharon Ankerich said...

That is exactly what SJ LOVED in China too! YAY!!! She also fell in love with ice cream there too! SO happy for you and Jack!!! Whoo hoo! XO

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